GeminiJynX is an Artist from the Bronx NewYork with over a decade of experience in recording his own music . Most known for his classic mixtape (#RGS2) hosted by DJSmallz of SouthernSmoke. He has also been featured on WorldStarHiphop, Coast2Coast mixtapes , numerous hiphop blogs , including his own Hip Hop website .

Growing up in the streets of NewYork , GeminiJynX experienced various hardships and drama, as well as good times.  He shares life stories through his music, influenced by 90s and hip hop of the early 2000's. GeminiJynX  delivers an unmatched vibe in Hip Hop music and performance.  A man of many talents, he records his own music, he edits his own videos, and designs his own artwork and visual effects. He also runs an active hiphop blog website. Some would say that he is, "One of the most creative, inspiring, and motivated artists in Hip Hop today. GeminiJynX is someone you should consider having in your station rotation.